Believe me when I say I am talking to myself with all of these tips.Introverts have the tendency to take one little thing, like being asked out on a date, andturn it into hours and hours of emotional and mental turmoil.We go from obsessing about what we’re going to say to what the future hold for us.

If I got married, my initials would be A.R.F…that’s so ugly.Stop, just stop. Wearing a hole in your carpet, just…just stop.If a guy says he wants to Netflix and chill, RUN.Because he doesn’t mean it the way you do.Don’t shy away from talking about things that are meaningful to you and your date.

That way we do avoid small talk hell.Sometimes what I do is use small talk as a gateway to have deeper conversations.Instead of just asking him like, “where are you from, how long have you lived here, whatdo you do for a living, do you like what you do…”I’ll just focus on one element like, “what do you do? Oh, that’s cool. Is this a passionof yours? Oh it is, oh cool, tell me more about that.

I’ll actually just delve deeper so that we can kind of find common ground away from smalltalk topics.Plus, that makes you more interesting because you’re actually making an effort to get toknow this person on a deeper level.

Its a win, win .Don’t try to fill every moment with talking just so that you can appear to be more social.I know you my introverted friend. I know!We always want to prove to people that we are friendly and we’re social so we sometimesgo over the top.

I’m not saying don’t say anything and make it awkward and weird but, you know. It’sokay to be silent sometimes.You don’t have to fill every moment of silence with your voice.Use your listening skills to your advantage.Although that’s a common misconception about introverts.Just because we’re quiet, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re listening.

But if you are in this case, give them the platform. Don’t feel like you always have towork so hard to be the one talking the whole time.Be honest about who you are.Don’t go lying to this guy, telling him you climb the Appalachian mountain on Sunday.If you like to read tell him that. I can almost promise you he won’t respond”what, you don’t go skydiving, oh no I can’t do this. I’m sorry””This date is over.”And if he does do that, RUN!Meet the person in an atmosphere where you feel comfortable.Like at a restaurant or at a movie, whatever your preference.You don’t want your mind having to run a mile a minute digesting, the new atmosphere, whilealready trying to establish a new relationship with this guy.

Baby steps. Baby steps, okay?So those are my tips my introverted friends.And believe me when I say I’m not just speaking to you guys. I am also going to be applying these tips myself. But as always, I hope this video was helpful to you. Please subscribe to my channel, if you have not yet. What you waiting on, like what you waiting on. Like this video and leave a comment below. Tell me some tips that you have if you’re an introvert or an extrovert that you think can help somebody else in the dating world.


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