So you can kind of see me go through for dating apps y’all can kind of see what these apps are about and maybe you guys can figure out at the end which one works best for you and actually at the very end I will tell you which app actually worked for me let’s get started and  so I first want to start off with that bumble now the cool thing about bumble is is it’s basically driven by woman  if you want to say something first to a guy that you match up with you have 24 hours to do so guys if you want the girls to do the work get this up girls if you want to do the work and you want to say something first and take care of stutter pretty realistic do you guys have to you when you’re on stutter  I know and things so Wow okay she’s leaving okay it’s the lip sign in look at the little beehive okay so I kind of just like that it’s like super simplistic.

 You guys that’s just kind of how it works because how are you find someone around  I don’t know so allow okay this says ladies hold the key to people like each other and it’s a connection the woman has to make the first move by starting a chat within 24 hours damn no pressure if she doesn’t chat the connection disappears forever but and can extend Oh men can extend one match per day for an extra 24 hours that’s kind of cool that’s like a game like this is kind of fun like it’s like a fun game looking app thing basically it tells our information I guess you can like click on them find out where their miles are see what they’re doing on what university they go to in their age and stuff like that um yeah.

Oh interestingproduce so what I really like to doafter getting a dating app is I like tokind of go in and fix the miles and theage settings because I don’t really wantto meet up with like 30 year old men oranyone that’s like past 20 miles away sowhat I would do is I would probably justmake this like 20 miles and I think theage is fine actually I’mso I don’tneed to meet an 18 year old okay coolI’m looking for men and yeah so and thenI guess you could just put  like areally cool about me kind of thing.

SoI’m just getting good I know you guyscan do that so I think it’s like reallycool actually that you can just be timedand kind of center but thereally cool thing about it is it’sbasically through your mutual friendsonly is it through your friends and but it just kind oftakes ou disturbing ally coolstuff so I’m gonna go through all thatwith you now I used hinge for like a fewmonths and I immediately loved it justthink of it as like the less creepyversion of tinder it’s like honestly thebest thing I could say hey so we’re onmy phone and let’s go to hinge coolI love hinge I think things have likechanged on this apps insidelast one on it okay so log in withFacebook I’m doing it okay.

So I guessI’m like blogging and don’t allow okay so can I just say there’s a lot of cute guys on hand I don’t know what it is with hinge but I actually like I saw one of my co-workers on the hinge and I said something and he never responded so tha twas really awkward don’t do that but um yeah like the hottest guys I’v ever met were on hint so I highly recommend it I don’t know what it is but okay so so the cool thing about hinge is you can set up everything that you want the guys to see so you write something about yourself what I usually did that got me a lot of dates was I wrote that I really loved sushi and not really helped out and so I put my height and then my religion I just said I don’t know Muslim not really religious I’ll just say other whatever um and then open to a relationship dating and then ethnicity Middle Eastern tags foodie ah let mejust go through these really fast after party or no I don’t think so anyway soyou can just kind of fill out all those stuff so let’s say you’re done whatever.


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