Quick statement before I move onto the improving your dating experience.You will never be good enoughfor the wrong person.So, when people do not see your value,it’s not aboutI’m not good enough, I’m not this.No, they’re not for you.

And we’ve got to learn to accept thatand not internalize rejection.Not internalize the fact that thisperson cannot step up to the tableand give us what we need.That’s not their role in our lifeget them out the way,which brings me to this next topic,improving your dating experience.By a show of hands, how many people in herefeel that dating sucks?Damn!Good Lord,all right. So,that’s completely understandable.

I see why people feel that way,but dating doesn’t have to suckbecause you have the powerto change your dating life.But you’ve got to knowhow to go about itin a more effective manner.And the reality is thatwe, we have not learnedeffective dating and relationships,and it causes a lot of problems.And we’re holding on to a lot offalse informationand we want things to just fall in our lapthe way that it should because we’re good people.Good people is not good enoughwhen you’re trying to getwhat’s truly best for you.You got to go even a step furtherand adjust the approach you’re takingand see how you can now create better results.

So, let’s discusssome things you can start doingto improve your dating life,number one,stop wasting your damn time.Okay.So, let me explain.I see so many situationswhere, and this happens to men and women.We meet a personwe like them,but deep insidewe know they’re not it.We know something’s missing,but because of what we like,maybe because we don’t want to be alone,maybe because we have a fear of starting over,maybe because we think this is the best option.

We try to rationalize reasonsto keep moving forwardand give this a chance.And what starts off very harmlessturns into all kinds of dysfunctionand toxic energy.Sometimes kids withthe wrong person.Sometimes being marriedto the wrong person.Getting in 10 year, relationshipsand you don’t know where it’s going.There’s all kinds of craziness that comesand it all started fromwe wasted our time.

Now, people love to say there is no waste of time every relationship is a lesson to learn.Listen,you sense the sarcasm, right.Listen,there is a lesson to learn in every situation,but let me make something very clear.Let me use this analogy.If you’re dealing with some body and they spit on your face when they spit in your face you didn’t like it.If you now stay dealing with them and they continue to spit on your face.You’re not learning anything new.You’re learn in the first time, all right.You knew the first time you didn’t like it.This is where the time is now being wasted.


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