So let’s say you’re home schooled and you have a crush on someone .How do you handle this situation. What are you supposed to do.  How did you possibly meet this person, since home schoolers never socialize .Look, I know you don’t really want to admit it, but you’re feeling a little lost trying to figure all this stuff out. Luckily, I’m here to give you a comprehensive Home Schooler’s Guide to Dating, So throw on your pajamas and let’s jump right in. Alright, step one: how to decide if your crush is actually dating material.

This step is very simple. The next time you’re with you your crush, casually throw out a reference to The Princess Bride and see if they catch on. If they do …Well, I should probably get going,  have fun storming the castle  I love that movie But if they don’t catch the reference…You should really read this book. It’s amazing, okay, is it a kissing book. Get it. Time to walk away empty-handed .

But if your crush does pass the cool homeschooler test, then it’s on to step two: discovering your crush’s dating philosophy .Look, as a homeschooler yourself, I’m sure you know how sensitive homeschoolers are about dating. I mean, just the fact that I’m using the words “home school” and “dating” in the same sentence is enough to make some people want to take me to court Do you see what I did there.

So you’ve got to figure out what kind of homeschooler you’re dealing with here .Is this a homeschooler who’s sworn off dating altogether . That’s something that people do …, I mean, at our age, I don’t really see the point., how mature of you …Or are you dealing with an intentional dater. I only  date someone if I actually intend on marrying them someday, wait a second, isn’t that called courting, though .No, courting is lame. Intentional dating is awesome .I can’t keep these terms straight anymore.

Or here’s another one are you dealing with that homeschooler who has dated pretty much everyone in your co-op. There’s always one. Look, my point is that you want to figure out what your home school crush wants out of a relationship Are they intentional.

You can’t just like, date for no reason Someone could get pregnant Or is it more casual .My public school friend has had five boyfriends, and I’ve only had three But it’s just not fair, because she has much bigger pool of guys to choose from .Home school boys are so lame. So, now that you understand your home school crush’s dating philosophy, it’s time to move on to step three: The Proposal.

And I don’t mean like a marriage proposal or maybe I do .What I’m trying to say is that this is the step where you ask your home school crush out on a date. Now depending on what you discovered in step two, this could either be no big deal …- Hey, do you  go get coffee sometime. – Sure, .Or it could be earth-shattering. do you  go get coffee sometime, that sounds like a really big commitment. Well we don’t have to go do something like that, we could do something different. We could sit next to each other in church., okay. I like that., whether it’s an immediate yes or one that takes years to earn ,let’s say you finally get that date ,well ,after you hang out in a group, hang out with their family, ask their parents permission, sign a blood, You know, the normal pre-date checklist Now you’re on your long-awaited first homes school date.

And it honestly probably feels like a honeymoon after all you’ve gone through .I mean, it may actually be your honeymoon .Just don’t forget to greet your home school crush with a holy side-hug, and watch the sparks fly.


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