So, the world of dating can either be a completely wonderful place or it can be a complete disastrous place. It’s not always easy finding that special someone that will put up with you, or me. So, I’ve actually been on a date recently.

I know, got a date, go team! But it got me thinking that they don’t teach you how to survive dates in education, which they should because dating is not easy and I feel like I should’ve revised for it or something. So I’ve thrown together my top six things not to do on a date. Here’s the survival guide to dating.

Number one, do not have your mobile phone out constantly on a date because one, it’s rude, two, it’s annoying as fuck. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tweeted for half an hour or the fact that you haven’t logged into Four Squares to become the mayor of dating. ‘Cause let’s me honest, that’s never   happen. – That’s how I got my little sister into law school, I know. I completely agree.

Two in the survival guide to dating is do not be repulsive or disgusting. Because, let’s be honest, no one wants this to happen during a date. Number three in the rules of dating, which to be honest, is my favorite rule of them all, is do not ask to borrow some of my food. Because I’m not   get it back, am I . If you wanted what I ordered you should’ve ordered it yourself, you know what I’m saying . This is my food, go away. It’s a deal breaker, no one touches the food, okay . – Could I try some of yours . Looks well delicious. No! Four in the rules of dating is do not get twisted, and if you don’t know what that means then you’re probably too young, anyway. So, don’t get drunk, it’s not attractive, guys, and it’s just so embarrassing. No one wants to do this sort of thing when you’re on a date.

 You’re kind of dorky. But not in a good way. Oh, my God, that guys is so hot! I bet he has a really big Number five, which is probably the most obvious rule, that tends to get ignored the most is, don’t talk about your exes on a date, because come on, it makes you look a little bit crazy, like you’re not over it. So, yeah, don’t do that because it’s just not cool, is it . My ex used to be cool though, my ex used to be really cool. You’d probably get on with him. That was a joke, I don’t have any exes, I’m single forever. My ex used to do that, you kind of look like him, actually.

The last rule that I have is don’t be too weird. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re a freak in front of your best friend, she’s used to it, it’s what friends are for. But this person that you’re dating has no clue that you’re strange, so just reel it in a little bit. Try to act normal, as much as possible. .

 I’ve got to stop taking knives out with me. That’s all I have time for today, guys. If you did like this video then don’t forget to give it a good thumbs up because that always helps. Also, do you have any funny or bad dating stories .


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