my date is in ten minutes and I can’t! I can’t do this. – What  No, you’ll be fine! – You have to help me. Please, would you just walk me through it  I don’t know how to talk to her.

You just be you, right. And this, um, this puppet here will  Why can’t you just be Puppets are great for kids or adults with the life experience of kids.

What  I’m hot and my hair is very good. – Seriously, I need help. – Okay, so you pick her up at her house,, you’re here! You’re early. A good date’s always early.

You know you’re not normal, right  – So, where are we going on our date. I thought we could get dinner and then take a walk on Sesame Street! This is stupid.

 You’re so thoughtful.  Whatever. I’m leaving. ere, let me get the door. Your hands are very soft- Do you use. Thanks for asking me out tonight. It’s really nice being with you. – It’s nice being with you. – It helps that you’re so easy on the eye.

you’re not so bad yourself.. Look me in the eyeball. Why are you so nervous  – I’m not nervous. – Then why do you keep looking away   You’re a puppet. You’re the one pulling the strings… of my heart. Thump -But still, you No!  Let’s not think about that Let’s talk about. Us.  Do you like me   – Well, , why did I ask that  I’m so stupid. Stupid! – Do you like me I definitely do and I like you.


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